A 35 year old female presented at our clinic with right knee pain that she had experienced for the past few weeks. This woman trains at the gym lifting weights 3 times a week and runs 2 times a week on her off days. She frequently uses foam rollers and stretching as a part of her recovery after each session or before if she feels any restrictions that may impede her work out. The mechanism of this lady’s initial injury was that she was squatting with weight and her knee began to give her pain. Able to continue she finished her session however the following day is when her pain began.

We began her treatment with an assessment. During this assessment I noticed that she had a shade of redness surrounding her knee with a bit of swelling and it was very tender to touch. Placing her knee in a bent position and applying extra pressure recreated her knee pain along with squatting down on her knee and tightness in her quadriceps muscle. My clinical impression was that she was suffering with bursitis. Bursitis is when the bursa (a sack of fluid that protects any friction between a tendon and a bone) is inflamed due to contact or continuous irritation over the area i.e. squats.

Anti-inflammatory medication was prescribed to her by her general practitioner in conjunction with her myotherapy treatment. Her myotherapy treatment consisted of muscular release work applied to the soft tissue to improve her muscular tone and balance to the client’s lower and upper leg along with the surrounding musculature of the hip. Superficial dry needling was used to help with the tenderness and inflammation build up surrounding her knee.

A home exercises program was given to the client as well as making certain adjustments to her gym program. This program consisted of exercises to change muscular imbalances she had that were creating her pain. After 4 sessions her pain had gone and was able to get back to full weight barring exercises at the gym.

After a successful resolution of knee pain, I now see the client to help continue working towards improving her outcomes at the gym.

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Andre Andrade – Elite Myotherapist