One of the changes in the treatment of people with persistent pain (chronic pain) has been about understanding not only the muscular system and how muscles interact with each other; but understanding the PERSON in the context of THEIR life and their prior learnings.

The prior experiences of an individual will have an impact on how that person responds to pain.  For example, if a person has had a previous experience where maybe a parent had long term low back pain – they might involve these beliefs in situations where they experience an injury that would normally be short term.

Education around pain is therefore vital when a Myotherapist treats these cases of long-term pain. That is when education can actually be a treatment modality. With persistent pain particularly, you can’t just treat the muscles you have to treat the person with the muscles in the context of their life.

At Elite Myotherapy we have a holistic approach to the treatment of chronic pain.  Educating a client about their pain plays a big part within our Myotherapy treatment plan.   We understand we cannot approach chronic pain from just a biomechanical perspective using our tradition Myotherapy ‘tools’ for treatment (ie. Massage, Stretching, Dry Needling, Cupping etc).  Our Myotherapists will educate a client around pain to ensure a better outcome for our clients.


The following video overviews the role of Myotherapy in the treatment of chronic pain.

Source; You Tube – Myotherapy Benefits for Long Term Pain