At Elite Myotherapy we’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to access an amazing development program . This ensure as practitioners we are continually learning about new treatment techniques, assessments, conditions and are keeping up to date with the latest research from the leaders in the health field. Great news for both practitioner and client!

Once a month we come together as a team and this month we had the pleasure of having Mark Scholes a physiotherapist at complete sports care to discuss ‘Managing the adolescent athlete’.

Throughout the session Mark highlighted many important factors we need to consider when treating a younger person. From physiological differences, like how bone will respond to biomechanical stressors of movement and exercise while still growing. Mark explained how this may lead to certain pathologies and how as practitioners we can quickly pick them up or even avoid them.

It was interesting to learn how an injury in your adolescent years increases your chances significantly of sustaining an similar injury later on in life or adaptation to this injury may lead to other areas of the body to become susceptible to injury. Great things to remember for when taking history for our patients.

Mark discussed the psychological differences in an adolescent and how we can sometimes underestimate how much stress, both internal and external, are being put on these young athletes and the effects they may have to.

All this is just a small portion of what was covered, Mark also spoke about management techniques, differential diagnosis and common pathologies seen in younger athletes.

We had the opportunity to discuss the current study Mark is conducting at LaTrobe University into Femoroacetabular Impingement Syndrome and the possible link to osteoarthritis. This lead to a great group discussion around clinical cases and the type of presentations we see in our practice.

It was not only great to learn new things and get up to date with this exciting research but also fine tune our knowledge and to better diagnose conditions around this area and  to provide the best possible care for our patients.

“A good teacher will tell you the answer, a great teacher will show you the way and let you discover the answer for yourself”.

Thank you to Mark Scholes!

Written by Jackson Matar Myotherapist