Telehealth Myotherapy

There is no need to suffer at home when we can give you some help via a video call.

When you book a telehealth consultation, we will send you an email with a link and any download and payment instructions.

You then just need to fill out a few questions and send them back to us prior to the session.

Don’t worry about any technical set up issues, we can hold your hand through the technology set-up if necessary. It’s very easy!

If this sounds like something you would like to move forward with or would like to chat further to us about how this may help, then feel free to contact us on 03 9826 2006.

Our Telehealth video service is really taking off!

Our Therapists have been assisting clients with out them needing to leave their home on either their phone or computer.

The 45 minute sessions are one on one with your Myotherapist and involve the following:

  • We assess your range of movement by watching your body movements.
  • We have you perform tests to diagnose the issue and pain points
  • We then demonstrate to you live techniques that you can use to self-treat, strengthen or activate
  • We watch as you then perform the techniques and we refine your skills
  • We provide and send through to you an exercise program you can then perform over the next week
  • We document your treatment plan and follow up your progress

It’s personal, it’s tailored to your needs, it’s safe during these times and it works well.

It provides you relief for your muscular related pain. The results have been fantastic!