1. Reduce pain

Many people live with aches or pain within their body.   Sometimes pain can go on for a prolonged period; sometimes it is short lived.

Pain is experienced differently by everyone in society.  Often your response to pain is determined by your past experiences; including parental modelling and past experiences in dealing with pain.

Myotherapy assists to reduce pain by dealing with the many mechanical causes such as trigger points within muscles, faulty movement patterns leading to increased load and pressure in your joints; and poor mobility which can also lead to compensatory movement patterns developing.

Stress and pain in your lower back for example can be a result of faulty movements in your daily living.  Over time these can lead to increased stress and load in the muscles, ligaments and joints of your lower back.  Dealing with these mechanisms of pain requires appropriate assessment and clinical treatment to address the underlying causes of your pain.

Myotherapists are specialists in dealing with the musculoskeletal system and deal with the causes of pain and inflammation.  Myotherapy offers a hands-on treatment approach to address pain and the faulty mechanism in your body which result in pain.


  1. Injury Rehabilitation

Injury is a common experience for both the general population and elite athletes.  Injury can occur through degenerative processes such as poor stability and strength in your pelvis and lumbar spine resulting in low back pain.    Injury can result from more acute mechanisms such as falls, slips or car accidents.  And sometimes injuries are a result of faulty body mechanics or poor posture, leaving us exposed to a higher risk of injury in activities of daily living.

A Myotherapist assists with injury rehabilitation by initially assessing the cause/s of the injury.  Based on the findings of the initial assessment, a Myotherapist will treat the injury and the biomechanical mechanisms underpinning the injury.  Myotherapy treatment has shown to have a positive clinical benefit in the rehabilitation of injury.

The Myotherapist will prescribe clinically relevant rehabilitation exercises for the client to take away; designed to speed up your rehabilitation and improve your outcomes.


  1. Improve Sporting and Exercise Performance

If you’re a weekend warrior, gym goer or professional athlete your committed to improving your training results.  Improving results comes down to making 1% improvements.  Improving recovery from training and increasing your movement efficiency are two benefits gained from Myotherapy treatment.

Myotherapy increases training recovery by increasing blood flow to the trained muscles, removing lactic acid and toxins accumulated with intense exercise; and removing trigger points which are a product of high training loads in muscles.

Increasing recovery time with regular Myotherapy treatments allows you to get back to your training with higher intensity and maintain an optimum level of performance.

Check out this YouTube video where James Hird (Elite AFL) player discusses the benefits of Myotherapy for Elite Athletes based on his experience during his playing days.



  1. Increase Mobility

One side effect of living in our modern western lifestyle is the impact this has on the mechanics of your body.  Prolonged sitting in front of a computer screen or iPad places prolonged stressors on various structures and tissue of your body.  Including your neck and lower back; prolonged sitting (can) lead to restriction in joints and tightness in muscles.

Myotherapy increases mobility and movement efficacy using massage, dry needling and cupping.  These Myotherapy techniques are useful in increasing tissue length within the muscle and increasing mobility.


  1. Injury Prevention

Prevention is better than a cure!

Injuries can be prevented by ensuring your body is moving freely and well.  Movement freedom means you can move your body and joints move through a full range without restriction.  The muscles and joints in your body are moving in synergy as designed.  When this occurs, you unlock the available strength and stability mechanisms of your body – and thus significantly reducing your risk of injury!

A benefit of Myotherapy is to increase mobility and movement efficiency in your body.  Myotherapy treatment assists with increasing tissue and joint movement with remedial massage, dry needling and cupping.  Subsequently allowing your body to move freely and prevent the painful episodes of injury.