Gyms across Victoria have finally reopened after the COVID19 lock-down period – and its great to see so many of our Myotherapy clients getting back into a structured exercise routine.

With the reintroduction of more intense exercise and strength training at your local gym;  it is really important that  your body is prepared and ready for regular exercise!

During COVID19  isolation, many people have been working from home.  Many people across our community have been less active.  Our Myotherapy team have treated many clients during this period with pain associated with inadequate work set ups and more time spent sitting.  Spending more time working at home has presented significant problems for many people with postural related pain (including back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain)

Starting back at the gym with this backdrop of poor work set ups, postural related pain and/or  less exercise can significantly increase the risk of injury for many people.

Increasing physical activity and exercise levels under these conditions can increase the risk of injury and pain; with the little niggles and soreness felt early on quickly developing into much and bigger larger injuries.

Due to less activity during  this period many people  have developed weaknesses in their muscles or tightness in areas that will inhibit proper exercise technique.  Poor technique  of quality of movement can lead to increased post exercise soreness and potentially injury.

To help in reducing injury, please remember to ease back into exercise slowly by reducing your intensity and volume of training.  Build your exercise levels up slowly and ensure your maintaining correct technique during strength training.  Embark on a mobility program especially if your flexibility has been reduced over this period of disruption to your regular exercise.

Myotherapy treatment can be an effective strategy to reduce your risk of injury whilst returning to the gym.  Ensure your body is functioning optimally so you can return to full training intensity fast!

Call Elite Myotherapy on 9826 2006 to book an appointment and to get those little issues sorted before they turn into big issues!

We look forward to helping you return to the gym and help you to achieve your exercise goals. Our Myotherapists can also help with a  simple home based stability and strengthening exercise program based on your individual biomechanical needs so you can to address any weakness or dysfunction which might have developed during this time.