Your Partner in Business

An opportunity to be part of the first Myotherapy franchise partnership in Australia comes along only once.

We’re so proud to be the first of our kind to invite like-minded, driven Myotherapy professionals to join us as our Franchise Partners and deliver our passion for high quality health and caring for people.

As your Franchise Partner, we’re here to help you achieve not only greater control, flexibility and job security, but also greater success, freedom and the financial growth you deserve for your hard work and dedication.

Our commitment to helping you be your very best is what makes this partnership such a rewarding one.

With a unique treatment philosophy that addresses the person as a whole, Elite Myotherapy has been able to develop a complete business system that supports the back end business running functions to free up Therapists to do what they do best, fix clients pain.

​All of the systems and support is provided to allow health minded individuals to successfully venture into the business world to maximise their client reach and earning potential.

Our Story

Learn about our journey over two decades to devise a unique treatment philosophy and a passion for Myotherapy and its part to play in the health care industry.


Franchsing Model

Great Myotherapist understand people and love making a difference in peoples lives, but they are not instinctively born business leaders! By partnering with us and adopting our business system they transform from ‘great’ to ‘brilliant’.​


Management Team

​Its our management team that sets us apart in the industry. A combination of Myotherapy experience at Elite Level, industry passion and engineering system precision has resulted in a unique business offering and management style.


I understand first-hand that starting a Myotherapy business on your own isn’t an easy task. Throughout the 20 years since starting Elite Myotherapy, I wished there was a support system that I could go to for guidance and leadership when it came to running my business well.

And that’s why I’ve decided to make a change for the better.

By inviting professional Myotherapists as Franchise Partners into Elite Myotherapy, we’re offering a new level of business acumen – support, knowledge and expertise – for the first time in the industry.

We’re Australia’s very first Myotherapy practice to welcome Franchise Partners. And as one of the most successful leaders in the industry, there’s no one better placed than us to help you, support you and mentor you to run your own business and excel in your career.

“Our role is to train and support you in order to ensure you operate at your best. We make the business operation side simple so that you can focus on making people move well and love life.”

Here’s to the next exciting step in your career journey!

Samantha Rigby
Founder & General Manager
Elite Myotherapy

Next Steps

If you’reready to take your Myotherapy career to the next level of business ownership, then this section details the steps involved.



Starting your own business is a big step and the report you receive is critical to your success. All of your most common questions are answered here.


Franchising Information

Franchising offers a unique partnership arrangement that works because both the Franchisor and Franchisee rely on each other for joint success. Here we detail some general information on franchising.


Testimonial from Past Elite Myotherapy Team Member

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the team at Elite Myotherapy as the company’s training Coordinator working alongside Samantha and Mark.

Samantha possesses an unwavering passion for Myotherapy and her genuine interest to further the careers of the Myotherapists on her team is extremely admirable. She works tirelessly to ensure every individual is able to achieve their very best in an environment that fosters trust, loyalty, passion and excellence at every level.

Mark completes Samantha’s vision by providing the back end business systems and technology that support Myotherapists to function at their best with efficiency and ease of mind.

These tailored systems that have been developed and implemented by the company are excellent and I learnt a great deal about business during my time at Elite.

I am proud of my contribution to this great team over 10 years and I am delighted that the company has decided to pursue the franchising path in order to offer a custom built business system that is the first of its kind in the Myotherapy industry.”

Liz Astling
Toni Moynihan Award- 2013 RECIPIENT