Answers To Our Most Common Questions

What experience do I require?

You don’t have to be qualified in an industry to successfully run a business! Entrepreneurs are able to turn their hand to any industry, once they have developed the skills to run a successful business. That’s what the Elite Myotherapy system provides you – business skills. What you must have at your core though is PASSION, Determination and a drive to be successful.

What are the core values you look for in Franchise Partners?

Our entire business is built on 4 key values:

  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Purpose
  • Excellence

These values must resonate in you!

If I’m not a Myotherapist, how do I employ one?

The advanced business model provides you with all the templates, training, recruitment processes and support to source your dream team.

How many employees do I need?

Our model allows you to start your business with just you. Depending on your lifestyle goals we assist you in scaling your business to suit, which means that its size could be from 1 to 20 employees. Growth can be at a pace that is comfortable to you and designed to match your personal development as an entrepreneur.

Is there a monthly service fee?

Yes set at 15% on gross sales exc GST. This is used by the Franchisor to provide the national support office for training, innovation and all ongoing support.

Do you provide finance?

Our sole focus is on servicing clients and franchise partners so we do not get distracted with financing. We do have connections though and are able to point you in the right direction for a great deal.

If I have never operated a business before, where do I start?

That’s why franchise systems are so popular and a great way to start in business. You are not on your own and are fast tracking your growth by tapping into a proven system with a network of people who know what to do and more importantly – what not to do! We assist you with every phase from business structure setup, site selection, lease negotiation, clinic fit-out, training, marketing, IT systems and team member recruitment.

What is the term of my Franchise Agreement?

The franchise term is 5 years with a 5+5+5 year extension. Assuming both parties are happy in the relationship and following all the systems to success, then the next term is enabled with the only cost being the legal documents at approximately$2500

​Where am I best to setup my Elite Myotherapy Clinic?

Our clinics work best in locations that inherently have clients in need of our services and other health care practitioners that will refer their patients to us. These include inside gymnasiums, doctors clinics, chiropractic centres, wellness clinics, sporting teams, large corporations and the like.