A Smart Investment

With A Business Model Proven Over Two Decades

Samantha Rigby is an award winning Myotherapist who has developed her treatment philosophy over two decades working with many of the worlds top athletes and sporting teams. Her research and understanding of the mind body connection has enabled her to achieve extraordinary results that has even prevented the need for surgery in clients.

Passionate about Myotherapy and its healing power, Samantha has a vision to disrupt the standard health care model with innovative business systems that will enable Myotherapy to touch the lives of more people over the next decade.

A low initial investment gets you up and running in your very own clinic with a professional development and mentoring program that develops you into a multi clinic entrepreneur offering great returns on your investment. The business model is designed with your freedom in mind and provides a connection to a dedicated network of colleagues for your support and growth.

System Integration

Systems are the key to efficiency and high profits.

The Elite IT systems include:

  • Customer relationship marketing system that works leads and turns them into prospects and clients, sales funnel management, auto response emails and client newsletters. Mobile app allows effective sales and marketing while mobile.
  • Appointment management system that is cloud based and manages, clinic appointments, staffing levels, client medical history and session notes, invoicing, health fund rebating and payments. Clients can also make booking online 24/7
  • Corrective exercise prescription for maximum client benefit and value
  • Accounting system that ensures your accountant is happy.
  • Network wide benchmarking to give you feedback and encouragement.
  • Internal Intranet for all training and team member management with group calendars, forums, marketing documents and blogs.
  • High ranking website for lead generation and client acquisition.

Growth Is Built In!

Franchise Partners that continue to develop their skills and successfully build up and manage multiple clinics, are offered to become Area Development Managers – ADM.

The ADM’s in the Elite structure have been designed for Myotherapists/Entrepreneurs who would like to firstly have a business that is not simply about them, secondly have a business that can be built to be of value to someone else and thirdly to build a business that can then become multiple treatment centres.

The flexibility of our model is that it allows you to decide if you would like to be an owner of one treatment clinic with all the support you need to help you to succeed or move through to own an entire region “ADM” and look after up to six treatment rooms and support your very own team.

The ADM model or “HUB” as we colloquially call it, fits in between us as your franchisor and your franchise partners within your area.

The Area Developer has a role in franchisee selection and training, site selection and operational support. Their remuneration is a percentage of the franchisor’s ongoing Franchise Fees meaning that they share a percentage of the sales generated by all Franchise Partners under them.

Why Elite Myotherapy

  • Low cost to entry
  • Great investment return
  • Lifestyle focus
  • Access to advanced systems for appointment management, marketing, training and administration
  • Advanced Professional Development program
  • Network of like minded colleagues keen to see you grow
  • Network support to assist you when on holidays or are ill
  • Turn key business model
  • Career growth path built in

Initial Training and Support

We have a dedicated team of professional people from all business segments that you get access to from day one. They work tirelessly to provide you with the skills that you need for success in this industry.

The training involves two weeks full time at our head office in Melbourne followed by 24 weeks of one on one mentoring to ensure the mindset and skills for success become second nature.

You will be allocated an Area Development Manager who becomes your guardian angle for the term of your agreement.

Converting Your Existing Business

​​If you already operate your own Myotherapy business you may wish to solve some of your current challenges and increase your brand value by re-branding as Elite Myotherapy.

This will give you instant access to our advanced business model and two decades worth of systems and experience.

​We are able to refit your clinic and convert your existing way of business and clients into your new Elite Myotherapy business system.