What Is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping Therapy is the application of globes or hollow vessels to the surface of the skin with suction that mimics the hand movements of myotherapy.

The suction between the cup and the skin causes the skin to lift slightly from the muscles. This allows impurities and cellular waste products in the muscles and fascia (connective tissue) to be drawn towards the surface and expelled through the skin’s pores.

Cupping Therapy is recommended for all conditions for which a patient would seek Myotherapy.

How is Cupping Therapy Administered?

Cupping Therapy begins like a normal appointment. We will do our assessment of your body as usual and once we have worked out which muscles will benefit from cupping we then set the cup on the skin and there is a sensation of pulling. This sensation is somewhat strong, but not uncomfortable.

We can use cupping in two different ways: One technique we do is to slide the cups up and down the area being cupped. The skin has been oiled so the cup is able to glide smoothly without pulling on the skin.

The other technique we use is to stand the cups on the skin and not move them. Standing cups can be left in place for just a few minutes or up to 20 minutes. Cups can be used almost anywhere on the body – along the spine, on shoulders and shoulder blades, on hips, low backs and over joints – to relieve inflammation and soreness.

After a Myotherapy session using cupping you may notice redness or a purple discolouration of the skin in the area which was treated. It is a normal side effect of cupping and is considered to be a desirable result by the therapist.

The cup kiss should not be painful, despite looking much like a bruise, and should disappear within a few days. Because the pores are opened fully the body is more susceptible to pathogenic influences after this procedure, you should keep your body covered and protected from wind and sunlight for 24 hours.

​What does Cupping Therapy treat?

Cupping Therapy is used in Myotherapy to treat many conditions. Cupping can be used to target a particular area and increase blood flow, lymph and Qi. Those with poor circulation, back pain, tight muscles or muscle pain, skin conditions, flu, fever, allergies and anxiety are known to benefit from cupping therapy.

Most people can benefit from cupping therapy, however those who bleed easily or cannot stop bleeding or have skin ulcers or edema should seek other forms of treatment. For pregnant women we do not perform cupping on the abdominal or lower back regions.

Many top-level athletes such as Michael Phelps and Andy Murray use Cupping Therapy as a natural way to speed up the healing process when dealing with muscle soreness or injury.

Cupping Therapy is performed at our 8 clinics in Melbourne – Richmond, Carlton, Essendon, Hawthorn East, Prahran, Toorak, Balwyn, Greensborough.