Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is more than just a full-body massage. It’s a targeted approach where our therapists diligently work to identify the root cause of your aches and pains. By understanding what triggered your discomfort initially, we aim not just to alleviate your symptoms but to address the source of the problem.

Our Approach to Pain Relief

In remedial massage therapy, the focus is intensely on relieving muscle tension and improving flexibility in muscles and soft tissues. Our therapists use techniques that aim to eliminate the source of your problems, not just the symptoms you experience. This involves a deep tissue approach that enhances blood flow to injured areas, aiding in the breakdown of scar tissue and promoting lymphatic drainage. This process helps reduce swelling, tightness, and soreness, providing you with significant relief.

Why Does Remedial Massage Work?

Remedial massage differs significantly from the light, gentle strokes found in relaxation massages at day spas or during beauty treatments.

Our clinical approach is designed to address specific muscle tensions or movement limitations. Whether deep or shallow, gentle or strong, our treatments aim to relax and deactivate the areas contributing to your pain. This restores your muscles’ functional sequence, much like smoothly shifting gears in a manual car.

Without proper treatment, pain or tightness can disrupt your “muscle gear box,” leading to more serious injuries over time.

Who Can Benefit from Remedial Massage?

Remedial massage is beneficial for a wide range of individuals:

  • Active and Fit Individuals: Mitigates the effects of strenuous physical activity and sports.
  • Desk Workers: Addresses issues from repetitive activities like computer work, leading to wrist, neck, back problems, and poor posture.
  • Sport Enthusiasts: Helps prevent and treat repetitive strain injuries from activities like running, tennis, and gym workouts.
  • Individuals with Chronic or Acute Injuries: Significantly eases pain and aids recovery from serious injuries, such as those from car accidents.

Why Choose an Elite Myotherapy Remedial Massage?

At Elite Myotherapy, we pride ourselves on over 20 years of expertise in using Remedial Massage in Melbourne to alleviate pain and restore proper body function. Our notable clients include elite athletes from The Australian Open, the Australian Olympic Team, Essendon Football Club, and even Hollywood actors.

General Manager Samantha Rigby brings over a decade of experience as Vice President and Professional Development Coordinator of the Myotherapy Association (IRMA). Our team, comprising therapists who have studied remedial massage as a fundamental part of their Myotherapy qualification, is equipped to offer not just deep tissue massage but also sports massage, dry needling, and cupping, tailoring treatments to your specific needs.