Remedial Massage

Remedial massage involves a full body massage where the therapist will try and work out the source of your aches and pain, and what caused it to become painful in the first place.

Your remedial massage therapist will focus on relieving muscle tension through improving your muscle and soft tissue flexibility. It will usually try and eliminate the source of your problems as well the symptoms you may be feeling.

The remedial massage of deep tissue will increase your blood flow to the injured areas which aids the breakdown of scar tissue. This promotes lymphatic drainage of bi-products which will reduce your swelling, tightness and soreness.

remedial massage

remedial massage therapy

Why Does Remedial Massage Work?

This type of massage therapy is different to what you may have experienced in a day spa or during a facial with a beauty therapist which involves many light gentle strokes that the therapist usually does quite slowly. The main purpose of this sort of massage is to relax the person and not to try and eliminate tight knots or adhesions in the body. It is usually termed a relaxation massage.

A remedial massage treatment will involve a more clinical approach to your problem so that the therapist can work out where your muscle tension or limited movement is coming from.
Remedial massage therapy can be deep or shallow, gentle or strong. The massage therapist will then relax and de-activate the area that is contributing to your pain, allowing your muscles to function in the sequence that they were supposed to.

This is much like the analogy of a gear box in a manual car – you can’t go from 1st gear to 5th gear without moving through 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gear. When you have pain or tightness in the body, this can disrupt the “gear box” so you cannot move through the correct gears (correct muscle activation pattern) – which over the long-term, if untreated, can lead to more a serious injury.

Who Can Benefit from Remedial Massage?

Remedial massage benefits all different kinds of people, from the fit and active, to desk workers, and those with a soft tissue injury, sports injury or more chronic injuries.

This treatment alleviates the effects of repetitive activity such as computer work. This type of work can be harmful to your wrists, neck and back. It also can lead to poor posture, nerve pressure and muscle imbalances.

Frequent sporting activity such as running, tennis, and many gym activities can lead to repetitive injury strain. While most can perform these activities without pain, over time misalignment, pain and injuries can gradually occur.

Those with serious injuries, such as car accidents, experience significant benefits from remedial massage, as it eases the pain and allows for an easier recovery.

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Why Choose an Elite Myotherapy Remedial Massage?

Elite Myotherapy have used Remedial Massage in Melbourne to relieve pain and allow patients bodies to work properly for over 20 years. We have helped elite athletes from The Australian Open, Australian Olympic Team, Essendon Football Club as well as Hollywood Actors.

General Manager, Samantha Rigby, offers her experience and knowledge from over 10 years as the Vice President and Professional Development co-ordinator of the Myotherapy Association (IRMA).

All Myotherapists have studied remedial massage in the first year of the Myotherapy qualification and are more than equipped with the ability to perform a deep tissue massage, sports massage, dry needling or cupping if these treatments are more suitable for your needs.

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