What To Expect In A Treatment

Our consultation policy at Elite Myotherapy aims to provide all our clients with a friendly, professional and efficient service.

Our Myotherapists will listen and assess to your key areas of concern and try to find the underlying cause of the problem and associated pain.

They will then tailor a specific treatment depending on your situation and needs, which may include a combination of treatments and techniques.

The following policy will help you understand our aim in our sessions with you.

Initial Consultation

A brief medical history is taken which will cover relevant matters such as activities, work environment, diet and past injuries.

A physical assessment is then conducted to best determine the most effective treatment for your condition. This assessment may include;

  • Physical Examination
  • Range of Motion Testing
  • Postural Assessment
  • Orthopedic Assessment
  • Neurological Testing
  • Active Palpation
  • Passive Palpation

A treatment plan will then be formulated and explained to you in detail. This plan will include the Myotherapist’s hands on treatment, corrective exercises and stretches to be undertaken at home, as well as advice on management that can be undertaken by yourself between your consultations to best assist the improvement of your condition.

An initial consultation will take up to 60 minutes. While the assessment will take longer in an initial visit, the client can expect a minimum of 40 minutes hands on treatment as part of this visit. Treatment may involve a combination of the following techniques:

  • Manual soft tissue techniques- such as myofascial release and deep tissue massage.
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Dry needling (the use of acupuncture needles into restricted/injured muscle tissue)
  • Muscle stretching
  • TENS therapy (use of a light electrical current for muscle stimulation)
  • Postural corrective exercises -strengthening or stretching exercises to be undertaken at home/work
  • Hot and Cold Therapy

Subsequent Consultations

In order to follow up on your condition, a brief check on your health and progress since the last consultation will be taken, as well as some clinical assessment, followed by treatment.

A standard consultation will take up to 60 minutes and you can expect approximately 45 minutes of hands on treatment.

The remaining time is invested in treatment planning, documentation and account settlement.

A short consultation will take 30 minutes with approximately 20 minutes of hands on treatment.