Myotherapy & Pregnancy

Myotherapy treatment can be great for pregnant women to relax the muscles and ensure you are as comfortable as possible in the final stages and can play a very important role in supporting your body and mind throughout your pregnancy.

It assists in alleviating a wide variety of discomforts often experienced during pregnancy as a result of significant postural and hormonal changes.

The type of symptoms Myotherapy can help with include:

  • buttock pain
  • hip pain
  • upper and lower back tightness
  • calf cramping
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • reduction in limb swelling
  • general relief to general body muscles stressed from the extra load placed on the body

All our clinics have the equipment required to treat pregnant women up until the final trimester.

Our Myotherapists will ensure you are comfortable during your treatment and that your new baby remains safe.

Pregnancy Massage

Massage from a Myotherapist can assist with pain and cramps in your pregnancy

A women’s body goes through a lot of changes during the time of pregnancy. These changes occur hormonally, physically and mentally. From a physical perspective the body needs to adapt to the physical load and changes to help grow a tiny person and this can elicit changes in muscle activation and patterning, increase fatigue and also potentially create pain.

At Elite Myotherapy we are trained to identify these factors and work with the changing body to continue to keep it strong and mobile as your body changes.

The Myotherapists at Elite Myotherapy conduct a thorough assessment of you and through massage and mobilisation techniques help the body to be restored to its normal function which gives relief from the aches and pains.
The benefits of Myotherapy during pregnancy, using massage

  • Increase body circulation and help reduce stress, aiding in stabilisation of blood pressure.
  • Provide relief for weight bearing joints such as lower back, hips, knees and ankles
  • Stabilise hormonal levels, helping to minimise mood swings, lowering anxiety, improving sleep and energy levels
  • Decreasing levels of stress hormone nor epinephrine
  • Increased levels of the ‘feel good’ hormones serotonin
  • Fewer postnatal and obstetric problems
  • Alleviate tension through the body which can give rise to headaches, tension, stiff joints, back pain, sciatica symptoms, swelling and/or sore feet
  • Encourage an improved posture, minimising postural stress later on when baby arrives.

Common Conditions

At Elite Myotherapy we have a network of women’s health practitioners we work very closely with to further enhance the client’s experience. If the practitioner feels it would be beneficial to work with one of these other allied health practitioners, it will be communicated with throughout your consultation and included within your treatment plan.

There are a number of common conditions that can put women in the high risk category of pregnancy. These conditions are routinely checked for by GP’s and obstetricians.

These include:

  • Previous premature infant
  • Previous neonatal death
  • History of eclampsia or pre-eclampsia
  • Chronic hypertension
  • Heart disease
  • Abnormal PAP test
  • Diabetes
  • Renal Disease (moderate to severe)
  • Aged under 15 or over 38
  • Repeated miscarriages or abortions
  • Alcohol, smoking or drug use

Please communicate with your Myotherapist if any of these conditions apply to you. If you are unsure about your condition, please seek professional medical advice before booking a session. You and your baby’s health are of utmost importance.

Bringing a baby into the world can be a beautiful, miraculous and wonderful experience, however it can be challenging too. If you have any questions regarding massage treatment for you during your pregnancy please contact one of our team at Elite Myotherapy. We would love to help you!