Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked a range of questions before and after our myotherapy sessions and are pleased to be able to provide answers to many of these questions below.

For anything not listed please speak to one of our friendly staff at your next appointment or call us on 03 9826 2006.

Do I need a referral to see a Myotherapist?

No, it is not necessary to have a referral to see a Myotherapist. However many doctors and other health professionals will refer patients to a Myotherapist for specialised treatment.

Can I claim Myotherapy from my Private Health Fund?

Myotherapy treatment is covered under the ancillary or extras cover of most major health insurers. However there are over 100 different health funds and various levels of cover so it is recommended that you check with your health fund first.

All of our clinics offer HICAPS facilities, however at this stage HICAPS have not made it available to all funds. Some health funds do not recognise Myotherapy, and in this case you can claim under remedial massage. For more information on the definition of remedial massage and funds that recognise myotherapy in their cover please click here

Why do we also recommend other health professionals?

People often wonder how all the different health modalities work together and if they negate or complement each other. All therapies have a role in the health of the body and we have found Myotherapy has been able to play a supportive part in many injuries, it can be effective as a standalone treatment or as part of one that can work in with many other health care practitioners.

The aims of Myotherapy treatment are to restore or maintain normal muscular integrity, strength, flexibility, and decrease pain.In line with one of the fundamental aspects of Pilates, at Elite Myotherapy we believe that the body operates as a whole unit. In our consultations we assess and then treat the body in it’s entirety, rather than isolating sections. Several different muscle groups are engaged simultaneously when conducting a given movement to enable this to be executed with support and control.

For the body to move in an ideal smooth and fluid manner the body must be correctly aligned and myotherapy treatment can help you achieve this.

For example; maintaining neutral pelvic alignment is an essential part of your Pilates training. If one group of muscles is in a tight and/or shortened state, it may make it more difficult for you to be able to sustain such a posture.

Myotherapy treatment can assist in restoring ideal muscle length. Soft tissue treatment helps improve your joint mobility and then the increased range of motion that results, can enhance the effects of your Pilates training.

Similarly when visiting a chiropractor, it may be beneficial to have your muscles released in order to assist with your chiropractic session.

Our team is experienced in working alongside many other practitioners, especially in the Elite sporting arena. We have a wide range of excellent health care practitioners of whom we can refer you to if we feel you may benefit from this course of action.

At Elite Myotherapy, we believe that our follow up and taking charge of your case will mean a better outcome for you!

Donating Blood after having Dry Needling Treatment

If you are a blood donor it is important to note that the Blood Bank have strict requirements for donating blood after you receive dry needling treatments.

They require you to not donate blood with in 24 hrs of having a treatment and that the treatment be performed by a qualified therapist who is registered with a governing body and only uses single use needles.

All Elite Myotherapist are qualified, registered and fully comply with all health and safety requirements. The only thing you need to monitor is the 24 hour window to satisfy the requirements of the blood donation services.