The physical demands and stress placed on the body during athletic and sporting pursuits require a strategic pre-game and recovery strategy.

Myotherapy and Remedial Massage have proven to be effective in the preparation for sport and in the recovery from athletic pursuits.

Preparation for sport and recovery from physical activity aren’t just important for elite athletes; but are equally important if you’re a weekend warrior or if workout at your local gym.

The Benefits of Myotherapy for athletes include;

  • Improved recovery
  • Mobility / flexibility
  • Increased movement efficiency
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Trigger point release

Former AFL player and Elite Myotherapy client James Hird discusses the role of myotherapy during his 10 years as an elite athlete playing with the Essendon Football Club.

In this video ‘The Benefits of Myotherapy for Elite Athletes with James Hird’ – James Hird outlines how Myotherapy and Massage assisted him in recovery and in rehabilitation from injury setbacks.


Source: YouTube The Benefits of Myotherapy for Elite Athletes with James Hird