Recently a podiatrist came into Elite Myotherapy with pain in his right thumb and wrist. This was his predominant working hand and was quite worried because he relied on it for his job. His pain had a gradual onset and was slowly getting worse. He was experiencing pain and tightness with all movements of the wrist and it had been occurring for seven weeks and counting!

After a detailed assessment including muscle strength testing, range of movement, palpation and orthopaedic tests, we discovered he had inflammation of the tendon and ligament sheath that control side-to-side movements and thumb strength. His injury was an overuse injury that can occur when a body part is used in a repetitive motion.

It was important that we developed a structured treatment plan so that we could help him recover and reduce his pain and discomfort so he had five weekly Myotherapy sessions including targeted deep tissue treatment to release the tight muscles of the forearm that were pulling through his wrist and hand. We also provided him with treatment through his neck and shoulders as the blood and nerve supply that runs from the neck is connected to the entire shoulder area and works in conjunction with the muscles to help release the arm and hand.

We also included dry needle therapy to the wrist to help stimulate blood flow and create a healing response and he was given home care advice including RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Rest), stretching and an exercise-strengthening sheet.

By working together here at the Elite clinic and completing self-management he is now back at work and pain free (without the need for invasive surgery or painful injections).