There is usually a specific reason clients book themselves in to see a Myotherapist;  like for the treatment of a recent injury, or for the treatment of an on-going ailment like a sore back or stiff neck.

However, it’s important for you to understand the various ways YOU can be involved in your treatment plan to relieve pain or symptoms AFTER you have had a Myotherapy treatment. You can help to speed up your recovery from injury, or reduce pain caused by ‘niggles’ within your body.

Here are the TOP 5 ways  to increase your results from Myotherapy:

Corrective Exercise

These are used to help strengthen the injured area and retrain the muscles to provide more stability and strength to the region. If you therapist gives you corrective exercises to do outside of the clinic, be sure to pay attention to the process and recommended frequency that these should be done.

They can greatly increase you recovery process.


One of the best things you can do to improve your mobility and health is to stay active. You only need to find 30 minutes each day to perform some moderate intensity exercise to see great health benefits.

By simply moving and staying active you help your mind and body in so many ways that both physically and mentally.


We all know that we need to eat healthy and what the benefits of this are. If you don’t look after your nutrition and eat unhealthy foods, skip a meal or don’t give your body the energy it needs, then you’ll quickly feel run down and tired. If this continues long enough it can have a serious impact on our health and mental state.

We need to ensure that we consume the right balance of nutrients as our bodies need vitamins, calcium and minerals to function, make energy and recover from injuries.


Be sure to drink enough water each day, as our bodies need this to help regulate body temperate, help the muscles and joints perform, and cleanse our system from toxins.

Dehydration can also make us feel tired, so pay attention to how much you drink and make sure you’re getting enough.


If you have any injury, your body needs time to repair itself, and getting enough sleep is vital to this process. By allowing our bodies to rest, it can go to work and heal areas that are injured or sore and is another way to help speed up the recovery process.

Ask your Myotherapist:

Take the time to discuss with your Myotherapist how these strategies can be incorporated into your treatment plan for improved pain recovery and injury rehabilitation.  Your Myotherapist will make recommendations specific to your individual situation.

We are all different and have individual needs, so pay attention to what your body is telling you and get the most our of your physical therapy.