Article written by Edgar Campos, Elite Myotherapist and Franchise Owner

Over the past weeks I have found myself hearing a constant message from the people I have been speaking to whether it’s friends, fellow professionals or even clientele “This year has blasted before our eyes.” I naturally then lean into the conversation with a bit of curiosity and ask the question “how would you rate your 2019”? For professional reasons, I am not able to reveal the exact language used but let’s just say “a fair bit below average”.

Naturally, at this stage of the year, we are all well and truly feeling the pinch and typically in overdrive making that last big push until our holidays come along. I think if we were to sit down and truly analyse our year we would realise it’s had its blessings and it’s not all doom and gloom as we seem to think it is. If it truly was a disaster then think to yourself “what have I learned from these experiences?” and I applaud you because you are still here doing your thing and there is victory in that my friends.

What I would now encourage you all to do is to quite literally sit down with pen and paper and start planning for your 2020.  What is it that you want to achieve? What would make this a great 2020? Begin by keeping it as broad as possible for yourself, take your time then find yourself clear targets.

Now it’s a case of figuring out the logistics, let’s use a holiday for example, I have always liked to reverse engineer for my results eg: Let’s say I want to save three thousand dollars in 20 weeks, that would equate to $150 that is required to be saved on a weekly basis in order to nail my holiday goal. You can use this tool whether it’s a health goal, travel, career or maybe a debt reduction.

This is great, we should now have some bright and exciting ideas for 2020. We have figured out the logistics now it’s just about getting it done. “Getting It Done” means putting in the work, day in, day out regardless of the motivation levels at the time, remember what you want to achieve for yourself, it’s one step at a time. Avoid the typical New Year resolution fizzle out where you smash it for a month and lose your way. I have found that visual cues serve me well, on my wall when I wake up I have my goals written on a piece of paper and its there for me to smile at and to remind me of the reason that I do what I do. Revisit your goal as much as possible, think, live and breathe your goal and it’s much more likely to come to fruition.

I’d now like to share a great theory I came across thanks to my friend Joe Davis the fitness coach, it’s called the “Order of Consequences” and we are going to use me as the example here with a weight loss goal.

1st Order (Immediate): Pain/Discomfort/Time – When going to the gym I know I will have to put myself through some sterns tests which will bring on pain afterwards. I have to sacrifice sleep in order to wake up early enough, leave the comfort of my own bed and of course the number one thing here is our time that we sacrifice.

2nd Order (Ongoing): Feel good/ Eat Better – In turn what does the above sacrifice lead to? It encourages me to want to eat better and stay away from less healthy foods. I start feeling damn good about myself and everything that I’m doing and I get a step closer to the long term goal.

3rd Order (Long Term): Healthy Body/ Healthy Mind/ Long Term Satisfaction/ Improved Quality of Life – This then leads to the whole reason that we started! I am getting closer to the body I want to have, my headspace is so much clearer, I have self-satisfaction in my achievements, my quality of life improves hands down and we achieve what we set out to do.

As humans, we typically look at the first order and think “no I am not going to the gym, I don’t want to get up or I am tired from work”. We need to start thinking more in the second or third order of consequence and remember what this sacrifice will give us! That old saying  “short term pain, long term gain” We need to find solutions rather than excuses.

I hope that this article has been able to motivate a few of you to start looking at the possibility of a bright 2020 and if anyone is interested in getting in touch to discuss their goals or up for a conversation about any of this contact me at

Move Well, Love Life.