As Myotherapists working with the muscular health of our clients; its increasingly clear there is a link between nutrition, gut health, and the health status of a client.

Many injuries, pain and musclo-skeletal conditions treated by therapists are a result of inflammation within the body.

With an acute injury such as a hamstring tear, or an ACL rupture; your body will naturally respond with inflammation within the localised area.

This localised inflammatory response is a normal process designed to reduce the risk of infection and to remove damaged tissue components to allow the healing process to begin.

Chronic low-grade inflammation however is not a healthy condition for your body and can be harmful in the long term. Long term systemic inflammation may affect your whole body where your cells are inappropriately attacked.

Chronic inflammation is believed to drive many serious diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Chronic inflammation can also drive muscle pain.

A healthy diet and adequate water consumption are vital for good gut health and reducing your muscular pain. Reducing systemic inflammation is not only critical to reduce your risk of many metabolic disorders; but will improve your recovery from sport and exercise and reduce muscular pain.

Intermittent fasting is another nutrition strategy shown to reduce chronic inflammation and to reduce sympathetic nervous system activity. Both factors are shown to contribute to increased muscular pain.

Myotherapy practised as a holistic health approach at Elite Myotherapy addresses the cause of your pain, and the contributing factors to pain. Understanding the role of nutrition and gut health is vital in the education of Myotherapy clients when treating pain.

Elite Myotherapy founder and general manager Sam Rigby discusses the role of nutrition, gut health and inflammation with Essendon Football Club premiership player James Hird in our latest video.

Source: YouTube Gut Health, Inflammation and Nutrition with James Hird