I had a client come to Elite myotherapy for the first time in January this year with shoulder and hip issues. This client was already receiving physiotherapy and clinical pilates for her complaints however the physiotherapist also wanted some soft tissue work done to manage this clients conditions. My client had had scans on her hip joint and was told that it had a lot of degeneration and would eventually need a hip replacement.

My client had also had two hydrodilatation (a medical treatment for adhesive capsulitis of shoulder. A local anaesthetic and cortisone are injected into the joint. Then up to 40ml of sterile saline solution are injected, using X-ray as guidance, to stretch the joint capsule) injections into her left shoulder for a treatment for frozen shoulder.

Both of my clients conditions were very painful and effecting my clients every day routines. The hip would easily flare up from any range of motion testing as the joint was painful resulting in the surrounding tissue guarding the area. My client could not properly get her left hand behind her back and her forward movement of her should was not much beyond 90 deg.

I consulted my clients physiotherapist in the initial stages and have been using a combination of soft tissue techniques, rigger point therapy behind the right hip capsule and myofascial dry needling.

The hip joint is being maintained quite well and my client will continue to manage it with myotherapy and physiotherapy which will keep any surgery at bay for several years at this stage. My client was particularly happy with the effects of myofascial dry needling on her shoulder. After two sessions my client had increased her shoulder range by at least 20 degrees and could now place her hand behind her back. Initially my client felt that she may have to go back for a 3rd injection.

Currently she has no plans of this and is looking forward to a well-deserved holiday overseas!

By Catharine Bainbridge – Elite Myotherapist