By Caitlin Smith – Elite Myotherapist
A regular client of Elite Myotherapy came to see me after she had developed a tendon condition in her hand.

She was quite concerned after she had been to see her GP who had informed her that this condition was most likely going to need surgery. She preferred to see whether there was a conservative option of treating this condition and whether I could do anything to help.

An initial assessment of the region showed substantial tightness of the forearm musculature, particularly in the tendons that are responsible for moving the fingers. The patient appeared to have developed Dupuytren disease, a disorder that affects the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) or the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joints of the hand.

This disorder results in the slow progressive thickening and shortening of the connective tissue within the hand, and eventually leads to debilitating stiffness in the joints. This condition usually affects the forth and fifth digits (the ring and small fingers).

A discussion into the client’s condition included the determination that a prolonged treatment was necessary to improve overall functionality.

Subsequent consultation sessions with this client aimed to treat the thickening of tendon and the fibrosis. Additionally, forearm musculature and the affected biomechanics, as well as the upper back and neck and its relationship to forearm complaints were a focus. These issues were systematically addressed through Myotherapy consultations, a decrease in the behavioural holding patterns of the arm, and self-treatment.

Through the diligence of the client, who took every bit of advice and complied to the highest standard we were able to successfully turn a less than desirable outlook into a more positive functional forearm which she could use.