Hamstring tightness and injury is a common problem among many elite athletes and weekend warriors. Especially if your involved in a running sport.

Hamstring tightness is often created due to other muscles or joints not moving freely within your body.

Your hamstring tightness (pain or injury) may be a result of a restriction in movement either higher up the kinetic chain of your body; or in the muscles or joints below your hamstring.

Your body works in synergy with other areas.  A restriction or dysfunction of movement in your low back for example can result in placing excessive tension in your hamstring.  Over time and with continual movement, the hamstrings are excessively overloaded causing injury.

Similarly, tightness in the fascia on the soles of your feet can place an increased load through your hamstrings when running and moving.

The typical strategy to address hamstring flexibility is to stretch or massage the hamstring.  In most cases this is not an adequate solution.  In many cases while the hamstring is tight (or injured) – the root cause is not actually your hamstring.

The following video features Elite Myotherapy founder Samantha Rigby teaching remedial massage strategies for improving hamstring flexibility.  Consistent with our Myotherapy treatment approach at Elite Myotherapy, we assess and treat the CAUSE/S of pain and injury rather then just the site of the pain.


Source; YouTube Improving Hamstring Flexibility with Massage featuring Samantha Rigby

Massage is one of many powerful treatment strategies used by the Myotherapists at Elite Myotherapy.  An in depth understanding of the bio-mechanics of the human body is vital to ensure that massage is effective in the treatment of pain and injury.

Myotherapists undertake an extensive three year (full time) tertiary qualification to have a thorough   and in depth understanding of injury and pain.  When our Myotherapists use massage in treatment; its based on an extensive assessment and understanding of your bio-mechanics to ensure you maximize your results from our treatment.