A common area of pain and injury within the human body is the hamstring. In many running sports such as AFL, NRL and Basketball – hamstring injuries cause major disruptions to players (and team!) competition seasons. Amongst the general population, hamstring injuries are also common. With postural changes arising from prolonged sitting at desks, the hamstrings are often a muscle prone to injury when going to the gym or when undertaking daily activities.

Treating hamstring injury isn’t just a matter of simply massaging the hamstring muscle itself. Assessment of the mechanical causes of the injury is necessary to determine the underlying causes. Tightness and weakness in other areas of the body can contribute to a breakdown within the hamstring. As such, the hamstring injury can be a symptom of other breakdowns occurring within the body.

Elite Myotherapy’s founder Samantha Rigby demonstrates in her latest video how to improve hamstring flexibility with massage – but with a focus on other body areas which contribute to optimal hamstring length.