At a recent seminar with renowned Osteopath and Physiotherapist, Jenny Hynes, the treatment of the musculoskeletal system in relation to the pelvic region was discussed. One particular aspect that was outlined and that is always important to emphasise in the assessment of any body region, is the integrated approach to treating issues that arise. This, in relation to the pelvis is the understanding that lumbar, pelvic and hip dysfunction will often occur together. Eg. Abnormal loading through the hip will transfer and create abnormal loading into the SIJ and Lx and vice versa.

Another important area that was outlined included the two different ways the pelvis is stabilised Form Closure (the actual anatomy of the joint) and Force Closure (how the muscles that cross the joint work together to stabilise the joint).

Force closure is the approach that we as therapists are able to address effectively. The muscles around the pelvis work in groups called ‘slings’ whereby coordinated muscle contractions in the ‘slings’ create force vectors that compress the joint, thus stabilising it.

Dysfunction can occur when these muscles are either unable to work in a coordinated pattern due to inhibition through pain or weakness, OR when muscles in these slings are excessively tight and compress the joint, creating pain that is commonly located at the back of the pelvis or into the buttock region.

These dysfunctions may be addressed through exercise therapy specific to the ‘sling’ that is dysfunctional or through Myotherapy techniques in muscle release to reduce the compressive forces on those joints and allow the muscles to work cohesively. This highlights the importance of strong pelvic muscles and shows how many of these problems can be addressed without the need for surgery.

Many of the findings from the seminar are put into practice by the team at Elite Myotherapy to ensure that we are up to date on the latest approach to assisting in the treatment of any pelvic pain or dysfunction our clients may be experiencing.

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