Our new Greensborough clinic is not just another convenient location for you to enjoy a Myotherapy treatment. It is our first clinic specialising in the treatment of children and adolescents! With Liz Astling – one of our most experienced therapists leading the charge, Elite Myotherapy is excited to be working alongside a great team of health professionals that have over ten years of experience specialising in the heath needs of adolescents.

The Greensborough complex Family Tree Health, where Elite Myotherapy is located was started by Dr Paul Chamberlain.
Dr Paul Chamberlain, BChiroSc, BAppSc(Clin), BSc(Hons), MCAA has been a chiropractor since 1999. He has practised in a child-only setting since 2003, and completed a Fellowship of Chiropractic Paediatrics in Melbourne. His vision for Greensborough is to inspire and advocate for the best health outcomes for babies and children, and to inform and motivate parents to make wonderful health choices for their children.

Available at the Greensborough clinic:

  • Liz Astling -– Myotherapist
  • Clare Chamberlain – Osteopath
  • Dr Paul Chamberlain – Chiropractor for Children
  • Matt Power – Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner
    Gabrielle Brodie – Homeopath

At every Elite Myotherapy clinic you attend we will still follow the same tailored Elite treatment plan. However we also work closely with other health professionals to ensure we deliver to you a holistic approach. Our association at Greensborough allows us to not only treat you, but also offer a unique solution for your children with other specialists.

To know what to expect in a Myotherapy session you can read more at ‘What to expect in a treatment’

Myotherapy can be applied for a variety of different conditions occurring in childhood and adolescence. Just as in adulthood, active children can experience soft tissue injuries as a result of a trauma or a fall, including sprains and muscular strains and overuse injuries can occur in children undertaking sports/activities such as dancing, little athletics, football etc, especially through periods of growth and development.

Due to their growing skeleton, a group of conditions, know as traction apophysitis, can occur quite commonly, usually between 7 to 15 years and most commonly between 10-14 years. It presents as pain at the points where tendons attach to bones, causing traction on the bone following overuse or an extreme growth period. This results in a swelling at the point of insertion of the tendon, which is often at the site at which the bone grows.

The common sites for the condition are at the insertion of the patella tendon into the tibial tubercle below the kneecap (Osgood Schlatters disease), at the insertion of the achilles tendon into the heel bone (Severs disease), at the bottom of the kneecap (Sinding-Larsen Johansson syndrome), the outer side of the foot (Iselin’s disease), and the elbow (Little League elbow). There are also several places on the pelvis where muscles attach, so apophysitis can occur in a handful of sites. Soccer players, runners, and sprinters are especially prone to developing apophysitis in the pelvis (which usually presents as hip or groin pain).

On a more sedentary note, in the current era of high-level computer use, children and adolescents are also beginning to develop computer-related pain patterns that many of us are familiar with – headaches, arm pain, neck and shoulder tightness and pain between the shoulder blades. Myotherapy can assist in reducing their pain, equipping your children with tools to prevent further injury and helping them to develop good computer habits for the future. Read more about Children and technology pain here.

There are certainly other more severe conditions that do occur within this age group and it is important that we recognise what we are able to assist parents and their children with in Myotherapy treatment and what must be referred on to paediatric specialists. In these cases, we are able to now work extremely closely with these specialists in reducing soft tissue pain and discomfort associated with these more serious conditions that remain under medical management.

Liz and the team at Elite Myotherapy look forward to and are very excited to work with such an experienced team at Greensborough and aspire to achieve the best outcome for everyone they see.