Often upon meeting a new client one of the first questions that may arise in a consultation is “Have you ever had Myotherapy before”. Unfortunately more often than not a client’s response is no but I’ve heard of it or I’ve been recommended to have it. It may be due to a number of reasons however I personally feel that only in recent times is Myotherapy truly starting to be respected, acknowledged and as a result gaining momentum. Often there are the big three Chiropractic, Osteopathy and Physiotherapy and to a lesser degree Remedial Massage, so where does Myotherapy fit into all this?

So far in my juvenile career I have been told numerous times that clients themselves have tried all different types of modalities with varying degrees of success but never truly being able to feel that their condition or ailment is behind them.

Within Elite Myotherapy we have a philosophy of wanting to help our clients to be able to lead long healthy lives with fulfilment and without the burden of aches or pain. This translates into our treatment plan and our aim through collaboration with our client to provide long term results hence our tag line “move well, love life”.

Another consideration that impacts on results of clients when it comes to Myotherapy are the clients themselves, what are they willing to do to help themselves improve or obtain a resolution? As much as we would love to be magicians and be able to take all the aches and pains away with our hands alone it may often not be that simple. There usually is the requirement to have a number of treatment sessions couple with home based corrective exercises and modifications to daily activities. There is also the possibility of a referral or co-management with another health practitioner in order to best manage their results. This is discussed with each individual client and practitioner.

Myotherapy, like all modalities has a place within the Allied Health framework and does not claim to be able to solve every issue within the human body however we are confident that if we can’t give you the answer, then we will endeavour to find what best suits your needs. I once found myself in a situation of treating a client where although we were making changes, the client and I decided we would ask for a second opinion to help case manage this client effectively. Within the Elite Myotherapy Greensborough clinic, the practitioners are extremely fortunate and honoured to work alongside some truly wonderful practitioners in Paediatric Chiropractic and Osteopathy at Family Tree Health in Greensborough and with this particular case the client in question in conjunction with Myotherapy, it was identified they would benefit from some Chiropractic work and wouldn’t you know it, after a few sessions of seeing the Chiropractor we had success and the client started to experience the long term relief that had been missing. I have also been given the opportunity to return the favour working with the Chiropractors clients and providing them with the support in their case that they needed.

So to those clients who have experienced treatment from a Myotherapist, I ask you to tell your story, let the people around you know what our industry has done for you. To those who are interested as to what Myotherapy can do for them, all it takes is a phone call to ask some questions, see how we can help you and secure an appointment. I end this piece with a toast to good health for everyone, salud!

Edgar Campos – Elite Myotherapist