On Tuesday 28th November, Elite Myotherapy team members were very fortunate to have a Professional Development session by Dr Nick Christelis. Dr Nick Christelis is the Director and Co-founder of Victoria Pain Specialists. Dr Christelis is trained in all aspects of pain medicine including interventional pain medicine techniques.

His expertise covers most types of chronic pain like spinal pain and nerve pain, which is proving difficult to treat by other specialists.

What does that mean for a bunch of Myotherapists?

  • We talked about what pain is and how it affects the individual
  • We reviewed the current strategies for current acute and persistent pain.
  • We brainstormed ways to improve our client’s wellbeing in an open discussion
  • We got better at looking at lower back pain and the ways to manage and improve a client’s outlook.
  • We had fun, networking and getting to know another individual in the industry that believes in holistic complete multidisciplinary health care.

Elite Myotherapists are committed to ongoing learning and development to ensure we stay up to date with the industry. Feel free to have a chat to us about whether an appointment with the team at Victoria Pain Specialists would be appropriate for your health care and aligns with your treatment plan.