We recently had a client come into our clinic complaining of debilitating foot pain. She complained of night pain, pain getting out of bed in the morning and the lack of
movement in her foot. As a result, over the past six months her fitness decreased rapidly and she came to us desperate to relieve the pain and regain her quality of life.

This patient in particular presented a long history of foot troubles which within the last six years included;

  • Broken ankle with screw/plates put into the ankle joint
  • Removal of metal from the ankle joint operation
  • Bunion surgery to correct a hallux valgus or foot deformity

Our initial consult involved observation of my clients posture from the hips and down to the feet. We found that she had swelling and heat around the ankles and a reduction in the length of her calf muscle and achilles tendon. She also had some trouble balancing due to the structural changes in her foot.

On assessment of her hip region and lumbar spine (lower back) we noted that she had associated pain in this area as compensation for what was occurring in her feet.

Over the next few months my client has had myotherapy sessions to have soft tissue massage, corrective exercises and myofascial dry needling around the ankle joint.

The myofascial dry needling and massage has been a huge help with the pain and swelling decreasing which has also resulted in my clients lower back and gluteal region feeling better as well. The corrective exercises given to her for homework involved theraband range of motion work, balancing exercises and strengthening work for the calf and the arch of the foot. We started basic and then lead up to single leg toe raises for the lower foot/leg.

She is now for the first time in six months starting to walk regularly again and she couldn’t be happier!

Catharine Bainbridge – Elite Myotherapist