This may be because your pillow does not give you the proper support.

Your solution is a TEMPUR PILLOW.

Don’t suffer any more and get professionally fitted with the correct pillow for you. Your Myotherapist can do this for you. It will give you the support you need and change your sleepless nights, stop the aches and pains in the body and allow you to feel rested and energised throughout your waking hours.

These pillows are very comfortable and efficient and provide comfort to neck muscles and other body parts. They help lessen the back pain and other problems that go with improper sleeping posture. In hospitals, patients can use tempura pedic pillows because they give better results for recovery from injury.

How did the Tempurpedic pillow come to be?

It actually took NASA to help solve our sleeping problems here on earth! They needed to come up with a dense foam material that could actually sense the body temperature and weight of the astronauts, and give them overall body support without pressure points during periods of increased G-forces that occur during take-offs and re-entries. Each pillow is moulded into the contoured-shape to suit each individual no matter what size or shape you are.

What benefits do these pillows offer?

  • The contour shape built into this pillow supports and aligns your neck, shoulder and spine correctly, unlike typical pillows that are just flat, or may actually lift the head and force us into uncomfortable positions. If any member of your family suffers from back pain then a Tempurpedic pillow will help them to relax and feel tension free because these pillows will reduce their pain.
  • We have better overall circulation with this pillow because our bodies are allowed to lie correctly, and pressure points are reduced so that we don’t toss, turn and even snore like we may with other typical pillows.
  • The foam actually responds to your body heat, and then molds into the perfect contoured shape that cradles your head and neck.
  • These pillows are hypoallergenic, because they resist dust, mold and bacteria, and are easy to keep clean. A lot of people consider them a perfect pillow especially if they suffer from allergies.

So give your old pillow the once over tonight and determine if it’s time to treat your neck and spine to a well deserved upgrade.

Your Elite Myotherapist is qualified to set you up with the right Tempur pillow today.