Jenny first came to me at the beginning of the year as a referral from her Chiropractor. Jenny has had some significant arthritic changes in her spine over the years which is also accompanied by pain from a hip replacement in 2008. Not to mention many cortisone injections to help relieve the pain. Her Chiropractor suggested that getting some regular soft tissue treatment by a Myotherapist would suit her needs best.

After assessing Jenny we worked out a plan together to work on one area at a time to treat each area thoroughly. Within three sessions, Jenny had noticed significant increase of range of motion and her pain before treatment was at a 8/10, which had now decreased to a 3/10. She was really happy but I was also excited to see how she had responded to Myotherapy.
We continued with further soft tissue treatment, working on different areas of discomfort. Most people with arthritis won’t just get pain in one joint or region of the body it can appear in multiple locations.

Jenny also had a goal of wanting to be able to hike around Europe in August this year without pain, so we began treating through her legs and feet as well as introducing some education on how to strengthen and stretch. With some help from her personal trainer and regular Myotherapy visits it’s now a few months later and with great determination from Jenny the trip was successful and she experienced no pain whilst she was away.
From the start of treatment to now, she is fully mobile and without pain.

Jenny is in her early 80’s but you couldn’t tell. Her positive attitude and responsibility to her own health makes a dramatic difference to her ability to heal. She is now planning her next hike as she knows she can achieve this by preventative methods.

By Ebony Hamilton – Myotherapist