Elite works closely with many health professionals to achieve the best results possible for their clients and have found kinesiology can be a great addition to managing stress levels.

In the natural health field; kinesiology is where muscles combine with the principles of Chinese medicine to monitor stress and imbalances in the body.

These stresses can show up in the body as one or a combination of the following:

  • Structurally & physically: pain, posture, injury, flexibility
  • Chemically: Allergies, intolerance’s, nutrition, hormones, drugs related
  • Educational: learning difficulties, brain integration, comprehension, motor skills, behavioural problems, attention deficit
  • Emotional: phobias, fears, anxiety, emotional abuse……. Just to name a few
  • Mental: positive and negative thoughts
  • Spiritual: belief systems, limitations, knowing who we are and why?

For more information on kinesiology contact Amanda Adey for a confidential chat: 0407 516 921 or auricfields@bigpond.com.