With modern technology has come an increased incidence of neck pain.  Prolonged periods of sitting in front of a computer, staring at a phone whilst on the train or couch; or reading the news on an Ipad all place an increased load through the muscles and joints of your neck.

Over time this prolonged use of technology puts you in a postural position where your neck sits forward of your shoulders; overloading the muscles in the back of your neck.  Tightness and fatigue are common symptoms of this muscle overload in your neck; often leading to neck pain.

Treatment of neck pain using remedial massage and Myotherapy can be powerful to reduce pain (and prevent it ongoing!)

In most cases the causes of neck pain can be associated (and sometimes attributed) to other biomechanical and postural problems.  For example; kyphosis and tightness in your thoracic spine can cause forward head posture and subsequent neck pain.

Tightness and over-activity in your scalenes (muscles in the front of your neck) create a biomechanical condition where your neck is being pulled forward.  This postural condition of forward head posture can result in pain being experienced in the back of your neck.

Myotherapy treatment including remedial massage addresses the underlying biomechanical conditions of neck pain.

Samantha Rigby (founder of Elite Myotherapy) outlines the treatment plan used by Myotherapists at Elite Myotherapy in the assessment and treatment of clients with neck pain.


Source: YouTube Massage for Neck Pain featuring Samantha Rigby