A 45 year old male presented to Elite Myotherapy with left sided neck pain.

He was also experiencing pain in his left forearm, numbness in his first two fingers and sensory changes in the top of his hand.

His symptoms begun 1.5 years ago after lifting a heavy suitcase awkwardly out of a car boot. He had received some treatment, however it was not successful. His confidence began to dwindle and normal tasks like gardening, bike riding and playing with his kids had become a struggle.

After seeing his GP and covering all necessary tests and scans, an MRI revealed a small C7 nerve root impingement on the left side of his neck. This impingement can affect the signals being sent down the arm to the hand.

Due to being seated for long periods throughout the day, his posture reflected the all too familiar hunched back and forward head alignment. This posture impinged the nerves in the neck, further exacerbating his symptoms.

Myotherapy treatment involved: Dry needling, remedial massage, cupping, joint mobilisation and a strict home and work routine. The client was happy to comply and his self-care really it paid off! All pain had ceased after 4 treatments and he regained all feeling back into his left hand and fingers after 7 treatments. His confidence improved, strength returned and he can now get back to doing the things he loves!

The nervous system is a complex collection of nerves and specialized cells known as neurons that transmit signals between different parts of the body. Our nerves are essentially the body’s electrical wiring. With the right treatment and training, we can help to make sure all the wires have free access to do their job and supply all areas necessary.

If you are experiencing similar symptoms of sensory changes or numbness within a limb of your body; an Elite Myotherapist will be able to assist. There are many reasons for these changes and symptoms – the Elite Myotherapy team will first assess prior to advising on the correct clinical treatment your require.