About 6 months ago I had a client referred to me by a podiatrist we have a close working relationship with at Elite Myotherapy. The client had, had a fall in the garden and twisted her foot on the garden hose. The fall managed to break several bones/joints in this client’s foot. The surgeon said for the foot it was one of the most difficult injuries to heal post-surgery. She had to have metal across some of the joints and metatarsals to stay in permanently to keep the integrity of the foot.

When I saw the client she was 6 months post op and had been to the podiatrist for advice and footwear. She was told not to seek physiotherapy after the operation, as the surgeon was worried they would be too rough with the foot.

My clients main complaint and the reason for referral from the podiatrist was that she was experiencing pain not only where the break had been (this was to be expected as pain and swelling can last up to 12 months) but also at the front of the ankle joint, into the peroneal muscles (muscles that sit on the outer side of the calf) and into my clients lateral thigh.

I used soft tissue massage, myofascial dry needling and some gentle mobilisations (upon request of the podiatrist) on my client and provided her with a set of “safe” exercises (ones that where no harder on the joints than the current weight bearing my client was already able to perform when she came into the clinic)

We were on a dead line with my client as within 6 weeks of the initial consult she had a European trip booked. I am happy to report that apart from a little swelling and discomfort around the break itself my client was able to tour around Europe without any extra foot/leg pain and both my client and her podiatrist are very happy with her progress and pain management over the past few months.

By: Catharine Bainbridge – Elite Myotherapist