Important Information On Myotherapy Services Under State Of Disaster Stage 4 Restrictions

Elite Myotherapy is Open Under Stage 4 Restrictions For Essential Client Care!

There is much confusion around the health care industry at present as to who is open and who has to close under the stage 4 restrictions.

We are all aware of the need to get the Coronavirus under control in the State of Victoria and that this is a priority under our State of Disaster.

Elite Myotherapy is fully behind this initiative and supports the State Government in this mission.

We are equally aware that many people rely on their Myotherapy sessions in order to keep their bodies functioning and manage their discomfort and pain or to continue their important rehabilitation after surgery or accidents.

We understand the important role that we play in the health care sector and we are here to help where we can.

The governments has passed legislation surrounding ‘Allied Health’ care during a State of Disaster and this is as follows:

Unless a client has a NDIS, TAC, Workcover or DVA endorsed care plan, and if their presentation / condition is considered critical, i.e. to maintain functional independence and stay out of hospital, then they are not permitted to be treated face to face at this time.

We understand that these restrictions are far from ideal and will mean that for most of you we will not be able to see you for the next 6 weeks.

In summary Elite Myotherapy is only able to treat clients that fall under the following criteria:

  1. You have a new referral letter from a Doctor stating that it is essential in this State of Disaster that you receive Myotherapy treatment with Elite Myotherapy to maintain your function during this time.
  2. You have a current NDIS plan, Workcover plan and your condition is critical to maintain functional independence and stay out of hospital over the next 6 weeks.

Our reception team will be asking these questions of you when you call for an appointment.

We will also be completing our last appointments by 7:30pm each night to allow our therapist’s and clients time to safely make their way home by the 8pm curfew that is in place.

If you are receiving medical treatment you are able to break curfew, but again in the spirit of the curfew we feel that this small change is the responsible step to take.

We ask that clients work with us during this stage 4 period to ensure we are all doing our part to support the governments directives and look after people in need in our community at the same time.

We want you to know that we are here for you in whatever capacity to assist you and your muscles through this period.

These conditions will be in place from Thursday 6th of August through to Wednesday 16th of September in order to comply with the current governments directives.

Our continued practises surrounding clinic sanitisation will be ongoing.

Restrictions and their interpretations could change further so please keep an eye on our website for updates.

Don’t forget that we have Telehealth consults available to give you exercises and reassure you along the way. Often a gentle reminder from your therapist can be all it takes to keep you motivated and moving well.

We are interested in your thoughts and feedback, so please get in contact with us and let us know what you think and what you are likely to need from us over the next 6 weeks?

Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Move well and Love Life!

Samantha Rigby
General Manager