Myotherapy and Pilates as individual treatments can yield amazing results. When they are used to complement each other they are like two peas in a pod. Together they are able to consolidate the goals of the treatment, with myotherapy focusing on muscle and joint release achieving more movement and range, and pilates concentrating on the activation, control and strengthening of key muscle groups.

Pilates is fantastic for the activation and control of muscles, creating a foundation for the rest of the muscles in the body to build from. The effects of muscle activation and control in the body are unmatched for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Whilst pilates uses a range of equipment that release the superficial muscle groups (ie. foam rollers, spikey balls and franklin balls) the deeper muscles groups found in our body are much more difficult to penetrate and effectively release. These groups of muscles can be really holding back the ability to achieve your best result from Pilates. The ability to release these types of muscles is a Myotherapist’s bread and butter.

A Myotherapist is able to effectively release both muscle tightness and increase mobility to the associated joints. With an abundant range soft tissue (massage), joint mobilisation, cupping and dry needling techniques, we implement significant change the biomechanics of the body while increasing flexibility and mobility.

Myotherapists are able to give in depth muscle control and activation exercises unique to each individual, but we are limited to the number of exercises we are able to prescribe for each individual in a take home situation.

A follow-up treatment with Pilates allows these exercises and findings to be consolidated, with in depth communication between practitioners allowing for the best results for each individual. Pilates professionals are able to correct and guide the technique and control of each exercise, isolating and activating specific muscle groups based on your needs.

Together Myotherapy and Pilates allow for full assessment, treatment and management of each individual. Goals, treatment and exercises programs are tailored to each client giving mind blowing results. Elite Myotherapy works in conjunction with Balance & Control Pilates Studio; we work together to constantly strive for the best outcome for each client.

For more information regarding how Myotherapy and Pilates can yield better results for your body, ask one of our friendly Elite practitioners.

Jack Day – Elite Myotherapist