Myotherapy is a relative new profession within the health care sector, having been established 30 years ago within the university sector at RMIT in Melbourne.

The Myotherapy profession evolved from the massage industry, with recognition in the 1990’s that practitioners required greater clinical knowledge and training to work and treat with evidence-based practice.

What this means is that the level of training and standards for qualification as a Myotherapist are at a higher level than the traditional massage therapist.

The Myotherapy industry today continues to grow based on the increasing awareness of the role Myotherapists play in treating muscle injury and pain.

The following video titled Myotherapy Association Australia 30th Bday gives an overview of the history of Myotherapy.  Elite Myotherapy founder Samantha Rigby features in this video as one of the leaders within the Myotherapy industry over the past 30 years.

You might have enjoyed the benefits of a Myotherapy treatment in the past; or you might be considering a Myotherapy treatment for your muscle or joint pain.  Either way, having an understanding of the Myotherapy profession will be useful for you to understand the techniques used in your Myotherapy appointment.


Source; You Tube Myotherapy Association Australia 30th Bday