Earlier this year the team at our Greensborough clinic were introduced to a 12 year old referred by Paul Chamberlain, child chiropractor from Family Tree Health. The client was experiencing very tight legs that were restricting movement. The client complained that he felt he had “wooden” legs and that he was being forced to walk with a limp.

On observation this client had poor posture as he was slumped forward and carrying his arms across his body. On assessment he had restricted movement through his hamstrings that were causing a very intense stretch when flexing his hips. It was also clear that when this client walked, he was putting more weight through the left leg.

During his first treatment we targeted his gluteals muscles, hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors and pectoralis muscles. After his treatment we got him off the table and educated him on the “red balloon”. The red balloon technique is a guide to help clients naturally correct their posture by lifting their head up and shoulders back.

Between Myotherapy and seeing the child Chiropractor this clients’ posture has improved dramatically. He no longer complains of stiff or sore legs, he stands up nice and tall, and distributes the weight evenly through both legs when walking. By addressing this clients poor posture, the team at Elite were able to make a difference to this clients discomfort in just a short amount of time.