A warm welcome for 2018

I’m sure by now many of you have set your New Year’s resolutions and for some of you they may have already dropped off the band wagon and for some of you they are going full steam ahead…

I would like to explore the fascination with setting goals around the hype of New Year’s Eve- why do we suddenly expect us to change our patterns of behaviour if we haven’t all year?

The idea behind this is great. We set goals to challenge ourselves to improve facets of ourselves and create new experiences. However, when we try to put into action our too many ‘resolutions’, it becomes too much and we fall into procrastination or loose sight of why we made the goals in the first place.

Perhaps, consider setting smaller goals or intentions or even better, change one habit that filters across multiple aspect of your life. Over time by implementing this small change you’ll find yourself transforming not because of an external ‘big event’ like New Years, but because you really want to.

From a movement perspective we know that this takes time. Whether you’ve previously had pain, trauma or just some general aches due to a postural stress, this all changes the muscle activation and patterning. So invest in your health and movement patterns with your Myotherapist as they work with you to improve you! The aches and pains are only your body’s alarm system telling you something is wrong, the patterns have been adapted and altered some time before your conscious state of awareness jumps on board.

Whether it revolves around your gait, strength, endurance or multiple dimensions of you and your health, we look forward to being part of your journey moving forward.

I’ve started my year with the notion of consistency and by doing so it will allow long term support; it will nourish my potential, and encourage balance. How have you started yours??

Move Well, Love Life