Recently the team at Elite Myotherapy were introduced to a patient who was a dedicated swimmer and runner but wanted to get into triathlons. He had recently started cycling and had developed lateral knee pain which meant the outer side of his knee was experiencing intense discomfort when he exercised.

He walked into the clinic pain free. This automatically made me think it was mechanically related to specific activity or exercise. He was told to come to Elite Myotherapy by some of his cycling group that he had recently joined.
We went through a series of assessments and it was found that the lower half of his iliotibial band was the cause of his pain. He also had a decrease in pelvic stability and core strength.

Together we discussed the pathology and developed a plan to decrease pain and increase mobility through his pelvis and lower limbs. It was also identified that he did not have appropriate cycling footwear and needed a review with his podiatrist. We then targeted treatment to his gluteal muscles, hip flexors and the lateral aspect of his right leg. We also planned to continue soft tissue treatment aimed at correcting excessive tightness in his iliotibial band and the related structures.

Between Myotherapy, seeing his podiatrist and commencing pilates he was able to increase his core strength and pelvic stability, and with the addition of regular self massage sessions and adequate bike gear, the pain and resulting issues subsided.
By combating all the causative factors the team at Elite were able to successfully eliminate pain, and help overall functionality for our client not only in cycling but also swimming and running.

The process may not have been quick, however dedication and perseverance provided him with a positive result and he now successfully participates in triathlons regularly. Despite being pain free, this athlete continues treatments with Elite Myotherapy to maintain the integrity of his muscles and keep in place a preventative maintenance program to complement his active lifestyle.

Caitlin Smith – Elite Myotherapist